Review of WD My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive


Western Digital is one of the leading storage brands out there. The only few remaining after all the mergers and acquisitions of other brands. Maxtor anyone? Their portable hard disks are well known in the market, especially the My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drives. Today, we are going to discuss their latest external HDD’s with an attractive metal casing.

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Western Digital introduced all metal external USB powered HDD. Since all the power comes from the USB ports, it, fortunately, does not require a separate external power source. Metal designs seem to be the fad these days, and Western Digital seems to have nailed the design with this model. It comes in an aluminum outer case in three different colors, Gold, Silver and Blue-Black. Like always, in this post, we will do a review of WD passport ultra portable external hard drive.

Quick Specs

  • Available in 3 different Storage Capacities, 1 TB, 2 TB & 3 TB.
  • USB 3.0 interface with Max theoretical speed of 625 mbps
  • Backward compatible with earlier USB standards like USB 1.1 and 2.0
  • Form Factor of 2.5″
  • Dimensions of 4.33″x 3.15″x 0.74″
  • Weight of 0.53 lbs or 240 grams approx

What’s In The Box:

  • One Portable hard drive (1,2 or 3 TB)
  • One Hi-Speed USB cable
  • Western Digital SmartWare Pro software
  • A Quick installations guide

[tab_item title=”1 TB”] The 1 TB Model comes with a single platter, with relatively lower power consumption compared to its bigger siblings.[/tab_item]
[tab_item title=”2 TB”] The Dual-Platter 2 TB model is a bit heavier and comes with a little more power consumption [/tab_item]
[tab_item title=”3 TB”] The 3 TB Model has the biggest density of all its siblings. It needs a fully powered USB source and sometimes refuse to work with a USB hub [/tab_item]

[image_items link=”LINK_IMAGE” source=””] Black [/image_items]
[image_items link=”LINK_IMAGE” source=””] Gold [/image_items]
[image_items link=”LINK_IMAGE” source=””] Silver Back[/image_items]

[image_items link=”LINK_IMAGE” source=””] Silver Top View[/image_items]

What you will like

  • Attractive aluminium metal design in 3 attractive colors.
  • High capacity of up to 3 TB without any external power requirements.
  • High-Speed USB 3.0 interface. (Requires a 3.0 compatible port on the PC for max performance)
  • Free Integrated encryption software for additional privacy
  • Product covers a limited warranty of 3 years.

What you will not like

  • Users have reported high USB power consumption on the higher capacity models.
  • A certain batch of drivers have high return rates due to product malfunctions
  • Product not getting detected in some cases causing customers to raise an RMA.
  • Will not detect when connected via. USB (powered) hubs.


In spite of some minor hitches reported by some customers, the WD USB drive lives up to its expectations. We would recommend it to our dear readers.

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  • Performance9
  • Features8
  • Build Quality & Finish10
  • Value for Money8
  • Brand Value8
  • 8.6


    The WD My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive provide great portability and backup solutions for the consumer market. The attractive exterior makes it much more desirable, although it does not add any additional functionality to the product. If you are in the market, this portal drive is a recommended buy.
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