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Review of 3 Port Aukey PA-U35 30W USB Wall Charger

Review of 3 Port Aukey PA-U35 30W USB Wall Charger

The three port Aukey PA-U35 30W USB wall charger is a great piece of tech, especially if you do not want to carry around multiple chargers. The charger is manufactured by a Chinese company and has excellent build quality to start with. The charger, however, does not come with a detachable cable and you would need to ensure that you have some spare cables lying around.

The charger is capable of simultaneously supporting a maximum of 2.4A (amps) per USB port. To ensure that the charger does not overburden your smaller devices like Chromecast, iPods etc. which needs 1A or lesser power, the charger uses a feature called Ai Power. The Ai power feature detects the device type that is connected and adjusts the power accordingly. To take full benefit of this charger, you need to ensure you are using certified 2A cables for quicker charging.

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Review of 3 Port Aukey PA-U35 30W USB Wall Charger

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Now, speaking of Quick Charge, this device “Does not” support the Qualcomm quick charge 2.0 specifications. If you want this feature, you would need to buy its bigger sibling, the Aukey PA-T1. Only one port (The Orange One) supports the “Quick Charge” feature, and the others are standard 2.4A max ports.

The size of the charger is a little bigger than a credit card and is on the heavier side. If you are charging using all the 3 ports, it might become back heavy and can fall off from the power socket if held loose. This device is an ideal fit for frequent travelers, and since this charger adjusts based on the device specifications, it is highly recommended to be used with heterogeneous devices.

Quick Specs

  • 3 Auto-Adjusting “Ai Power” adaptive charging ports
  • Each port has a power delivery of up to 2.4A or 2A when ports are used simultaneously
  • Adaptive charging for USB powered devices, durable strong grip USB ports, compact size
  • Built-in safeguards protection mechanism to protect your devices against power surges, short circuits or any kind of overcharging

What you will like

  • Adaptive Charging to support devices of all sizes and specifications.
  • 2.4A charging with supported cables allows you to charge your devices quicker.
  • Consolidate all chargers with one big charger.

What you will not like

  • The Charger is a bit on the heavier side.
  • Does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 specifications.
  • Does not supply come with any USB cables in the box.

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  • Performance8
  • Features6
  • Build Quality & Finish9
  • Value for Money7
  • Brand6
  • 7.2


    Aukey PA-U35 30W USB charger is great for people who carry around different devices. You would need 2A supported USB cables to ensure that you use the charger to its full potential. This model does not support the Qualcomm 2.0 Quick Charge standard and does not have the orange port like its bigger siblings. If you are looking for quick charging, this is not the correct model. Overall, great build quality and recommended to our readers.


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