ProView S3 Is A 3 Axis Stabilizer For Android and IPhone Video Shoots

ProView S3 Is A 3 Axis Stabilizer For Android and IPhone Video Shoots


The Pro S3 is claimed to be the industries first 3 Axis hand stabilizer stick for smartphones. If you take a lot if videos with your smartphone and want to give that cinematic edge to your video experience, then look no further. And yes, it can take selfies too! If you look at the companies promo videos, the video captures look silky smooth.

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Even though OIS is available on high end smartphones, such great professional results cannot be achieved with just the phone software. The Team at Navin, a Taiwanese startup tries to address this with their ProView S3 project. As you would have expected, this is an Indiegogo project, and here is their promo video. See below:

Claiming to be an industry first 3-Axis phone stabilizer (read Physical) this can allow you to even shoot vertically. They have already raised $374,618 USD (100% Funded) from various backers and is on track to deliver the product in the next couple of months. Currently it holds a pricetag of $160 and ships worldwide. The vertical portrait shooting mode with smartphones is also claimed to be an industry first.

Proview S3  3 Axis Stabilizer Hardware Features

  • Vertical video shooting mode. Can also take Portraits since its dependent on the phone rather than the stick.
  • In built auto-tuning mechanism to find the optimum shooting mode.
  • Well balanced weight distribution and does not feel top heavy.
  • A physical video on/off button for recording using Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Four lock modes, full, pan, tilt and follow.
  • Joystick controlled fine adjustments.
  • Max Phone Size: Up-to 6″ and opens up to 85mm and a max weight of 210 grams.
  • Three rechargeable batteries of approximately 2 hours of battery backup.

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What you will Like

  • 3 Axis vertical shooting
  • Better than Lanparte Gimbal in Video stabilization. See their videos comparing the two.
  • Physical hardware joystick controlled single handed operation. One hand is always free to control the smartphone camera apps.
  • Tested with large phones like the iPhone 6+ and works fine.
  • LED display controls.

What you will not Like

  • Battery is rated to work for only 2 hours of backup
  • $160 is a bit pricey for a mono-pod/selfie stick. However comparably cheaper than the Lanparte Gimbal
  • Does not support Go Pro or any other heavier action cameras. Designed exclusively for smartphones


This product is definitely a niche product targeted for users particularly interested in smartphone videography. While Pro’s will mostly stay away from this, video bloggers, YouTubers, Bloggers, etc. will certainly find this product interesting. Click on the link below to buy it from Indiegogo.

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  • Performance10
  • Features9
  • Build Quality9
  • Value For Money5
  • Brand7
  • 8


    If shooting videos or low light photography is your thing, then this is probably the best mono-pod that you should be looking for. There are tons of great videography equipment out there which are more expensive. This is certainly not for the pro audience but clearly draws inspiration from those video kits for sure. Since this ships worldwide, you can certainly back this project, wherever you are.
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