Nura Headphones Review: The Next Level of Headphone Tech

Nura Headphones Review: The Next Level of Headphone Tech


After smart watches, headphones are the next set of tech gadget that is poised to get smarter. Various companies are working overnight to create their unique offerings. Nura headphones are once such innovative product that shouts a praise!

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Nura Headphones Review

Technology has become a part of our everyday lives. Even though most of the technology innovations are more smartphone focused, rather than its accessories, things are changing. Crowdfunding projects are bringing changes to niche products and tries to make them even better. When we a smartphone, we get a set of headphones for free, and in most cases, the buck stops there.

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That perception might change with the Nura Headphones. With Nura, the headphones can store user profiles of each, based on their listening patterns. Think of machine learning for headphones. Nura headphones adapt based on user preferences. With such hype, the product needs to deliver as well right? The good news is that it does!

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The team at Nura have designed the headphones to learn and adapt based on user preferences. The user profiling is completed within 30 seconds, and the headphones do most of the job for you. You do not need to be an audiophile or a sound enthusiast to use these headphones. It is designed to please the ordinary people who like their music. Listening experience can differ between individuals and Nura tried to address that with their product. See below:

Nura Headphones Review: The Next Level of Headphone Tech

The hardware uses two sets of drivers, once over-ear speakers for a deep bass and low-frequency sounds. The in-ear bud contains the second round of headphones that respond to high tones and more focused on audio clarity. Combining the two creates a 3D immersive experience that cannot be matched by a regular 2-way headphones. The external construction is designed to cut out any external sounds and unwanted noise and does the job pretty well.

Nura Headphones Review: The Next Level of Headphone Tech

The Nura Headphones currently supports both 3.5mm jack, as well as Bluetooth. It enables a broad range of devices that can be used with these headphones. There are currently thousands of users listening to streaming music on the go, and there is data to back that up!



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What you will Like

  • Dual Drivers makes the it a great performer for both low and high tones.
  • Great Bass and sound clarity
  • Bluetooth and 3.5mm connectivity options
  • Excellent build quality, fit and finish

What you will Not Like

  • You cannot get hands on one yet. You need to sign up as a backer the Kickstarter project first.
  • In-ear phones are not for everyone and may cause pain in some cases
  • Delivery only starts in 2017 which may not be worth the wait


To conclude, the real world feedback will start coming in after when this product starts shipping to backers and end users. I guess people will just need to wait and watch.

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  • Performance10
  • Features 8
  • Build Quality9
  • Value for Money7
  • Brand7
  • 8.2


    The team have really gave their best to bring this consumer level headphones to life. With advanced features like wireless connectivity and high performance drivers, these headphones really delivers on its promises. If you like what you see, go ahead and back this project.
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