Canon Pixma MG2570 Specifications Review Setup and Driver Details

Canon Pixma MG2570 Specifications Review Setup and Driver Details

Entry level printers have become cheaper over the years, and all the major manufacturers have significant offerings in the segment. Epson, Canon, HP, Brother, and others are competing at the low end of the spectrum where the maximum sales happen. In this post, however, we are going to review the Canon Pixma mg2570.

Introduction to the Canon Pixma MG2570 Printer

The  Canon Pixma MG2570 is an entry-level all-in-one (AIO) inkjet printer for basic home and small office workloads. The average selling price of this printer retails for about $33 (Rs. 2200 in India). Since this printer sells at an attractive entry level price, it makes it one of the top-selling printers. You would need an available full-size USB port to connect this printer to your PC natively. As you would expect for printers in this range, you do not have any other connectivity options. So, network based printing is out of the question here. However, the printer worked pretty well in our tests with typical home and small office workloads. So, let’s look at the specifications first.

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Canon Pixma MG2570 Printer Specifications

  • Maximum Printing Resolution: 4800 x 600 dpi
  • Printer Cartridge: PG-745, CL-746 (“PG-745XL” & CL746XL are Optional)
  • Printing Speed: Up to 8 Pages in Monochrome and 4 Pages per minute in Colour.
  • Paper Size Support: “A4”, “A5”, “B5″, LTR & LGL, 4 x 6″, 5 x 7”, Envelopes, Custom Sizes
  • Ink End Sensor: Dot count
  • Print Head Alignment: Manual
  • Scanner Quality: 600 x 1200 dpi
  • Scanner Speed: Grayscale: 1.2 ms per line “300dpi” & Colour: 3.5 ms per line “300dpi”
  • Scanner Type: Flatbed
  • Scanner Copy Speed: 31 seconds
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
  • Power Consumption: 9W via. USB & 1W in Standby mode

Note: The Canon Pixma MG2570 and MG2570S only differs in colour, White vs. Black respectively.

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Canon Pixma MG2570 Cartridge Support

The printer comes with Standard Black and color cartridges. Cartridge part numbers – CL-746S & PG-745S. Ironically, the cartridge cost is almost 50% of the printer price. Typically they retail for about $15 for the standard cartridges. You will only get between 150-200 prints in black and another 150+ prints in color. You can optionally buy the XL cartridges, the PG-745XL, and the CL-746XL which will give you double the capacity. In our tests, we got more than 300 prints in black.

While that all being good, we somehow do not agree to Canon’s pricing policies for their printer cartridges. You can buy cheap refill packs which typically retails for about $4-$five online. However, they are difficult to refill, and the refill kit does not come with any instructions. They will only give you a bottle of black ink and a syringe with a needle. Inserting the needle to refill the cartridge is no easy task.

Drilling through the cartridge is difficult, and with no documentation, one can only guess. We went ahead and searched for ideas on the internet, especially YouTube and successfully managed to insert the black ink into the cartridge. But the printer rejected and refused to detect the ink. We ended up buying a new cartridge from canon. In short, injecting the ink is cumbersome, and ink compatibility is a problem with most refill packs.

Canon Pixma MG2570 Driver Support

Canon supports most of the major desktop platforms with stable drivers. Drivers for Windows, Mac, and Linux are readily available online. I have made a list of all available drivers available from Canon below from their online download site. If you are looking to download the drivers, select the appropriate driver option under the operating system that you are running.

Direct Links to Download Windows Drivers for Canon Pixma MG2570

  1. 32 Bit Drivers (x86) for Windows 10 – Download Here
  2. 32 Bit Drivers (x86) for Windows 8 – Download Here
  3. 32 Bit Drivers (x86) for Windows 7 – Download Here
  4. 64 Bit Drivers (x64) for Windows XP – Download Here
  5. 64 Bit Drivers (x64) for Windows 10 – Download Here
  6. 64 Bit Drivers (x64) for Windows 8 – Download Here
  7. 64 Bit Drivers (x64) for Windows 7 – Download Here
  8. 64 Bit Drivers (x64) for Windows XP – Download Here

Direct Links to Download Mac OS Drivers for Canon Pixma MG2570

  1. Drivers for Mac OSX 10.5 – Download Here
  2. Drivers for Mac OSX 10.6 – Download Here
  3. Drivers for Mac OSX 10.7 – Download Here
  4. Drivers for Mac OSX 10.8 – Download Here
  5. Drivers for Mac OSX 10.9 – Download Here
  6. Drivers for Mac OSX 10.10 – Download Here

Direct Links to Download Linux Drivers for Canon Pixma MG2570

  1. Drivers for Redhat Linux – Download Here
  2. Drivers for Debian Linux – Download Here

User Manual for the Canon Pixma MG2570

Download the Canon User Brochure here.

Download the Canon User Manual here.

Clicking on the links directly downloads their driver package. You might need an internet connection to download any dependent packages, especially for Windows. Once downloaded, you can directly click to open and follow the setup instructions. Also, do keep in mind that Canon does ship a driver and software CD in the box. However, there is a high chance that they are outdated since they are as old as the actual date of packaging. It’s always wise to go to the internet and download the latest drivers to minimize bugs and other fixes.

Canon Pixma MG2570 Box Contents

Like most other (HP, Epson, etc.) printer vendors, Canon provides you with a free small black and small color cartridges in the box (CL-746S & PG-745S). In addition to that, user documentation, software driver CD, and warranty cards are provided. The packaging is good, not exceptional. There is always a chance for the scanner bed glass to break during transportation. Canon does provide a lot of foam to ensure this does not happen, which is a good thing.

Canon Pixma MG2570 Initial Setup

The all in one printer setup is easy for most users who have bought and set up a printer before. However, for the first time users, here are the step by step instructions to quickly setup and fire-up your new Canon Pixma MG2570 printer.

Step 1: Remove the items in the box and the tapes on the printer and the cartridges.

Step 2: Connect the USB 2.0 cable to the printer and the PC.

Step 3: Connect the printer power cables to a power outlet and turn it On.

Step 4: Insert the correct cartridge into the cartridge tray. Please ensure to remove the tapes from the cartridges first.

Step 5: Ensure that the cartridge clicks into place and are in correct position.

See the below screenshots for your reference:

Canon Pixma MG2570 Specifications Review Setup and Driver Details

Ensure that the paper tray is opened up after unpacking so that blank papers can be loaded. You can feed up to 60 pages approximately as per the printer specifications. You also need to make sure that the doors are closed after the cartridges are placed into position. See below for illustration:

Canon Pixma MG2570 Specifications Review Setup and Driver Details

Canon Pixma MG2570 Software Setup

The printer comes with a software CD from which you can download and install the system drivers and other printer scanner software. If your system does not have a CD player, then download the software from the internet. Links are provided above, under the “Download Drivers” section. Once the drivers are downloaded, run the “Master Setup” program. The software automatically detects the printer series and installs the appropriate driver. See Screenshot below:

Step by Step Installation of the Canon Pixma MG2570 Screenshots:

Once Step 6 (See Screenshots Above) is completed, the installation program will connect to the internet to download additional software based on the selection that you have made in Step 4. If you keep the default settings for most users, the setup program will download an additional 340 MB of app content from the internet. See below for your reference


In our tests, the entire setup process took about 15 minutes to complete. Once completed, you will be asked to print an “Alignment Page.” It is strongly recommended to do so since it aligns the printer heads for better print quality. The setup will also ask you to print a test page which is optional as per our recommendations.

Optional features like Android Print Service for printing from mobile phones are not present in this model. Here is the list of Canon Models which supports the “Canon Print Service” feature.

PIXMA MP990 MP640 MP560 MX340 MX350  MX870MG5200  MG6100 MG8100 MP495 MX880  MX420  MX410 MG8200 MG6200 MG5300  MG4100 MG3100 MX890 MX710 MX510 MX430  iP7200 MG6300 MG5400 MG4200 MG3200 PRO-100 PRO-10 MX450 MX520 MX720 MX920 MG3500 MG5500 MG6400 MG7100 E560 MX470 iP8700 iX6800 MX530 MG7500 MG6700 MG6600 MG5600 MG2900 iP110 MX490 E480 PRO-10S PRO-100S MG7700 MG6800 MG5700 MG3600 G3000 E470 MG3000 MAXIFY MB2000 MB2300 iB4000 MB5000 MB5300

For those users, who owns any of the above-mentioned printer series, can download the Android App from the Google Play Store from this link. The main features of the Android App are as follows:

  • Switching between color and black-and-white printing
  • 2-sided printing & 2 on 1 printing
  • Borderless printing
  • Stapling pages
  • Setting paper types
  • Secure printing
  • Department ID management
  • PDF direct printing
  • Printer discovery by specifying IP address
  • Recall from the share menu

Scanning with the Canon Pixma MG2570

After when you have installed the Device drivers and software utilities, you can start scanning using the “Cannon IJ Scan Utility“. Initially, you would need to provide the default location where you would like to save the scanned images and documents. See Screenshots below:

Once set, your scans will be store in the saved location and can be accessed using Canon’s own “Canon My Image Garden” software application. You can either select “Auto” mode to detect the document type (Photo, Text etc.). Else, you can manually select the document type as shown in the screenshot above.

Once that is set, you can easily scan documents since these are just a one-time software post installation setup.

The scanning software also comes with a built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition). See our results below from a sample text that we printed earlier.

Canon Pixma MG2570 Specifications Review Setup and Driver Details

Sample Text Scanning

We noticed that some of the text was not read correctly by the software provided with the printer. But we were happy to get this feature for an entry level printer. Although we noticed a bit of lag initially when the scanner warms up, it did most of the scanning tasks quite smoothly. The scan quality also was decent and as we said, does the job for basic home and office use. If you scan books and bulk pdf’s, then a more expensive scanner with paper trays are recommended. But we are assuming that you already know that.

What you will like about the Canon Pixma MG2570

  • Low-Cost All-In-One with Printer, Copier & Scanner Functions
  • Print Quality is excellent for an entry-level printer. Can print great photos on photo papers as well.
  • Scanning quality with 600 dpi is good for its price, but not exceptional.
  • Easy installation and setup for all users

What you will like “NOT” like about the Canon Pixma MG2570

  • Very high cost of printer cartridges. Replacement cartridges cost almost 50% of the printer cost.
  • Cost per page is one of the highest in the industry.
  • Lack of a “Scan” hardware button on the printer. Scanning can only be initiated from the software.
  • The printer ink evaporates even when not used for printing
  • The printer built quality is quite fragile. One needs to be careful with handling and transporting the printer from one place to another.


To conclude, the Canon Pixma MG2570 (or MG2570S) is an entry level printer for basic home and small business usage. The high cost of per page printing is highly cost prohibitive for any large-scale printing.

However, this is ideal for users who occasionally prints at home. Overall, we would recommend this printer to anyone who is looking for a basic printer who does not intend to use it for heavy usage.

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  • Performance8
  • Features6
  • Build Quality5
  • Value For Money8
  • Brand9
  • 7.2


    Canon Pixma MG 2570 is a strong contender in the entry-level printer category. HP has had strong product lineups in this category and always has a strong presence worldwide. We feel that the Canon's offering is a worthy contender at this level.


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