Making the Switch

Making the Switch

Are you bored of your current job? Does your manager annoy you? Tired of doing the same
thing over and over again. The joker is here to tell you what you need to know on when and why to switch jobs, and then do a different thing…over and over…again.
When I was a kid, we had a poster
on one of the walls in our living room. It read “Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what
you do is Happiness”. I had never been such a proverb guy from my
childhood, but that stuck to my mind. I unconsciously decided to pursue
anything that makes me happy. Why won’t I, after all, life is about being happy
too. Needless to say not everything turned out the way I’d have liked it to be.
But that doesn’t fill me with any regrets (well only when I am drinking I guess).
                We all
wanted to be something or the other, astronaut, sports personality, actor,
fashion designer etc. not all of us got what we wanted and most of us landed up
with the most easy and convenient change we could make. Most of us got into IT!
                In the
city of Bangalore Namma Bengaluru, there is a saying, “If you throw a stone randomly at a crowded
area, you would either end up hitting a dog or an engineer
”. That being
funny as it is, it’s true. We are a country of IT people, the IT Crowd.
Making the Switch
“With many options, come great temptations”.

Switching jobs has become the fad
these days. You would switch jobs at a drop of a hat, 6 months into the company
and you already want to move out. But what you need to ask yourself is, “is the juice really worth the squeeze?” “My manager annoys me; I want to make a
switch”. “The cafeteria food SUCKS, I want to make a switch”. “May be X company
has better options”. “This guy gets everything from the manager, he is so
biased I don’t want to work here anymore”. “How can he/she get into that
company, maybe I can try that, after all I am better”
And my personal
favorite “I work with a bunch of lazy
as valid as they may seem, these are really not the right reasons
to switch to another job. It is the unsaid truth, that no matter where you go,
the statements would hardly change. We all like to gang up on our manager when
we are drinking with our close colleagues and friends (in talks anyway, when
the manager is not around) and half of us promise to jump at the next
opportunity that we come across.
Making the Switch
the right job for yourself, and you would never have to regret it”

Joker 2:2
being in front of a buffet of jobs, you would need to evaluate your options.
After all you are one who will decide where you want to be annoyed. Reason with
yourself rationally, “do I really need a switch”,
“can I do something in my current job that would make my life better?”, “Am I
being hasty?”. You must’ve seen times when your friends decide to move and then
end up back at the same job and company after a year. Making a quick buck isn’t
one of the preferred options on why you need to move. You can definitely “con”
your way into another project, but before that, may I suggest you do some
really good research on where you are headed.
grass is always greener on the other side”

Not The Joker
And it holds true for anything in
life. We end up in the same situation no matter how many times we tend to
switch jobs. May be it isn’t the company, may be its you. May be you have not
looked at yourself carefully enough. Agreed that it might not always be your
fault but it can, sometimes. “The people we most tend to ignore, is ourselves, when it
comes to criticism”.
We are the most hardworking sincere people in
our own eyes.
The factors you really need to look into are:
  1. Am I making the right move?
  2. Am I going to end up in the same situation?
  3. Have I done enough research on the new organization?
  4. Is there someone from the same organization that I know, who
    I can talk to?
  5. Is this the right profile for me or is it the same job with
    a fancy name.
  6. Will I be able to afford the financial crunch in the middle
    of my notice when I have to wait for my      FNF and my new salary? Have I timed
    this right?
  7. Have I spoken to my trusted superiors?
  8. Have I spoken to my family and friends before making the
  9. Will I be advancing my career, and learning more than I know
  10. Am I the douche bag? (Yes, that is also a valid question)
You may trick your mind into believing that you have done
the right thing, but knowing the consequences and bearing the consequences are 2
different things.
Making the Switch
only thing that is constant, is change”

Someone with common sense

is a good thing, change is refreshing, and change is what we all desire. But get
this, the person who is most in control of what
changes your life is Y.O.U.
May be a change in attitude, change in
clothing, change in the way you look at your boss and colleagues. These few
changes might help you find happiness (well that is a big word) or at the very
least satisfaction. If you still feel suffocated then go ahead and make a
switch. No one’s stopping you. Hey, you are the one to decide how and where you
want end up getting bankrupt by the 15th of every month, but at
least do it for the right reasons.
                So when
should you change a company? The answer is, WHENEVER you feel like. As long as
you are making a desired change, for the right reasons and most importantly, YOU are getting something out of it!
As Always,

The world is a joke, and I, am “The Joker”


Joker 1:1
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