Love Loan and Lifework in Indian IT

Love Loan and Lifework in Indian IT

Love Loan and Lifework in Indian IT

Life in IT is nothing less than a ‘Karan Johar’s’ mega movie which has all the required high octane drama!
Love: That’s all I need!..?

I know most of of you would have clicked the link as soon as you saw the most alluring word “Love”. So, let me start the movie on a happy note. Every boy/girl in this world would want to have a girl/boy friend and also think of changing them even before they would have one.

It’s like applying brylcreem for a bald head!
If we go back a couple of decades ago we would have never heard of the term ‘Office Love’.
Vulnerable, Money rich and trying to Imitate the west! I think are the 3 most appropriate reasons why there is a paradigm shift in the culture of our Youth. We have moved away from chasing the bus and sitting on the college compounds to poking friends in Facebook and messaging in WhatsApp!
Vulnerable: Many of you would have travelled places on the Job after enjoying your time till puberty with your parents and now you need someone who can fill that role of reducing the fear of being alone in a strange place, If not fill, you would at least need someone who can act like it.
Money rich: You earn, you burn! …………
Imitate the west: Having said that that, We are stuck in the cross-roads!
A simple example to prove it is, If you have a boy/girl friend, 90% chances are  that your parents and relatives would not know about it. Possibly your friends on your Facebook will know it! common …It’s not the way it works in west. They hug and kiss in front of their parents and they are OK with it. why are we not so open?
Let me go a step further and shovel at your emotions, how many of them would have dated more than 4-5 girls/boys even before they get married to the right boy/girl?  I would say less than a percent. Most likely you met a girl and she was nice to you and you started liking her and want to marry her! Again to re-iterate this is not how the west works! No, It’s not Karan Johar’s next movie theme! it is very real in today’s Indian IT context.

My Question is, are we tricking ourselves in name of a disguise called “lust!”? I will let my viewers decide on it and take a call.   Loan: That’s all I need…again!
All right! Honeymoon time is over and you are back to the real world where something known as sweat exists. Check any guy in the cubicle next to you and he would be checking out the interest rates at the lending banks and institutions. EMI is something which you will hear very frequently in this world. Flat….EMI….Car….EMI…..Vacation…..EMI…..Phone…..EMI and if you have a  costly wedding…..EMI! All the money you earn will be spent on EMI(s). Since you want to have all these, you live in a Flat worth 60 lakhs, drive a car worth 10 lakhs, have multiple credit cards, but your bank balance will never go beyond 5 digits. The happiness of salary lasts only for a few days till you get a message in  your mobile saying “EMI for the month of XXX amount XXXX has been debited from your a/c” and you are back to square one. The best line I can think of this is like saying “ My husband is a very good athlete but very bad very in bed”. What’s the use? when you have earned so much money and think twice about how much will I have to shell out extra if I buy a large coke at subway? The best way to think of it is to NOT to think of it! Work life: That’s all I need…..Yet again!
The last phase, which most of them crib about after they would have found a soul mate and a flat is “time”. There is a lot of emphasis on work life balance in almost 99% of the IT companies and also would have made a mandatory HR policy to address the same. But, still all they say is be in office for 9 hours even if you play ping pong on your mobile and abuse the free coffee machine. If you would have paid attention to the entire blog you will notice that you want your company to hire good girls/boys so that you can find your soul mate, pay salary so that you can fulfill your materialistic dreams and also give you enough time to spend with your spouse! Strange but astonishingly true.
From start –> Middle—> End this is a very typical Indian IT scenario and if you feel you are different in any other way all I can say is wait a bit longer!

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