Is it right to be friends with the Boss?

Friends With Benefits Boss
Is it right to be friends with the Boss?
            “He is such a kiss
a**”. “The Manager is always biased towards him/her”. “I bet she is having an
affair with him”. “I work so hard but, he/she gets the hike and promotion”.
Common back biting words in office? No matter
who you are, no matter what kind of organization you work in, you will never be
spared from office gossip. There will be people talking about you whether you
like it or not. Good =  less, Bad = more.
No one likes to admit it but everyone in office gossips. Even the most innocent
looking virtually mute colleague will spew poison on you at times and the one person
who is the center of all the negative
is the manager’s pet.
corporate world is full of fake smiles and REAL controversies. Everyone
is out there to get you. Out of the most common jargons, you would hear the “crab
for our lesser acquainted people, a crab pull is a syndrome
that a lot of us suffer from, it goes something like this, where when one crab
sees another one crawling out, they all try to pull it down. Sounds familiar, doesn’t
it? So what does one do when you are being accused of being a manager’s pet?
“Ignorance is bliss”
            Human is
a social animal
, and what we do in office with our colleagues
is socialize in a professional environment (and somewhere in between we work
too). So what happens when you have many things in common with someone in a
supervisory position? You become friends, you go out for tea, smoke or grab
something to eat, and that’s it. Suddenly you have more
pull with the management
than the others and they don’t like it at all.
There will be a few nice people in your office who hold a higher position than
you and you are friends with them, in office it will be all nice and
professional, but as soon as you step out of that office BANG! Designations are
out, friendship is in.
   It is
not uncommon to assume that the manager is favoring a person more than the
others. After all, that person has been on the manager’s good books and left an
on him or her. You don’t have to socially hang out with a
manager to be a part of such gossips. A mere 5 minutes spent in front of the “Leeches” of your office (I’m
truly sorry leeches, I couldn’t find a better word) will spark more rumors than
Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber (YUCK!) and Rihanna put together. (Under my
umberella..ella..ella…) ok that was purely off topic. (But seriously I have to
dip my laptop in a vat of sanitizer because of that dude, gal, well whatever IT
   OK back
to reality, having a professional friendship with a manager can be hazardous to
your career. It is not a rule on the book but it is a rule of the Leeches. Especially
when you and your manager are of the opposite sex. They all go “oh yeah, more
dirty material, me likey!”
Is it right to be friends with the Boss?


will get to hear things about yourself that you never would’ve imagined in your
wildest dreams. You will discover a Pandora’s Box of dirt dug up on you that
you never thought was possible. The combination of you and your manager’s
friendship to others is like “Stupid Fire meets clueless Oxygen” (I did
not come up with that) the flames shall be seen for miles!
you still consider being friends or close acquaintances with your manager if
the opportunity arrives? I’d say yes. A managers/supervisors friendship will
not only help you get out of a stagnant situation in your career, but it can
also lead to help in future advancements (in the correct way that is). They can guide you to the
right path like Yoda. They would potentially be older to you so they can even act as an
elder in office
to help you if you are unable to concentrate
on work due to some personal issues. We all need someone to talk to and
that someone can be a manager. Everyone has favorites, even parents (and you
thought they loved you equally, aww so cute). It’s in the nature of a human
being to unknowingly be kinder to some a little more than others. But there is
a line. It should not be such that one person receives all the attention while
the rest just sit and rot. A manager should be able to know who deserves what,
even if he/she does like his/her little pet more than the rest of us idiots. It is
his/her job to understand, know and avoid the consequences of unethical
and the right manager will know when to draw the line.
“Do not be emotionally involved with the manager/supervisor”
Is it right to be friends with the Boss?
Thou shall not be a
total moron
. Overly emotional attachment, even as a friend may lead to
being overly casual with the manager. Ergo, you start thinking of them more as
a friend than a supervisor, leader, whatever you want to call it. If that
happens and you end up getting into a disagreement, it might just escalate to a
level where it is not required (and I mean a full blown verbal war).
 A manager deserves the respect of a manager even when you
are friends.
   It did
not take the wave of a magic wand from fairy god mother to get to that position
so, that position demands respect, especially by you in front of others. You would
have to be extremely aware of that. Any slip up and your manager can become
your worst nightmare (it can… freaking happen). So when you are friends with
your manager, it’s as good as playing with fire. Play it right and you get
appreciated, play it wrong and you get BURNED! (Aloe Vera anyone?)

I want
to be friends with Jennifer Lawrence
, and I, am The Joker
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