How to immigrate to Australia from India

How to immigrate to Australia from India

How to immigrate to Australia from India?

Fore warning, this can get boring……
                                                                       …..You have been warned..
Do Kangaroos and Koala’s fascinate you? Does opening a
cold one and putting a shrimp (Paneer/Tofu if you’re a veggie) on the barbie
sound like a good time with friends and family? Then you are ready to immigrate
to Australia MATE! No, this is not an ad and we don’t run a consultancy. Yours
truly a.k.a The Joker, is here to help you with a guide on how you can migrate
to the down under. (This post is targeted at people working in IT in India for
others, it may vary a little.)


In the past decade, we have seen a lot of
people immigrate to different countries. At first it was mostly The United
States or The United Kingdom (I guess the United word intrigues us 😉  since we struggle to find unity in our own
country. Okay fine there was Canada too, geez whatever) Never the less, this
was what we could hear from most of the people who had their kids or relatives
abroad at that time. Whether it was studies or work, everyone was there, and
the others wanted to be there. But off late we have discovered that there are
other countries on this planet that we can immigrate to as well (Thanks to our
Geography teachers and the Internet). One of the countries that has generously
opened its arms to the Indian national in the past decade is Australia.
Contrary to popular belief the only dangers
in living in Australia are the poisonous cretins, not the people. The people
are more assertive and jovial in nature but we like to think everyone is out
there to degrade us (There are reasons for that but that will be discussed some
other day). Fact is, we are in as much danger living here as we are living
So what does one do to immigrate to the down
under if they have some pocket full of cash, hopes and some credible talent.
You go to and
go through the immigration process. I would be sharing some of the outlines of
applying for an Australian visa along with some pros and cons below. (Note
that, this involves a fairly detailed process and ideally you should find a
good migration agent or consultancy specializing in Immigration to Australia to
handle your uber sensitive paperwork and also be proactive with your profile
and suggest alternatives as and when required).
The visa is based on points system. You get points for Studies, Work, Australian Education,
English Proficiency etc. You would need a minimum of 60 points in order to qualify for the immigrant visa. The details of the points system is available at the immi website and will also be with a migration agent.
How to immigrate to Australia from India

Step 1: Applying to the Australian Computer Society (ACS)

          If you have passed your initial screening with the migration
agent which means according to the points system you get atleast a minimum of
60 points including your IELTS scores (A good migration agent will always
screen your profile for the type of visa that best suits you and your family,
and they might also suggest the country that is best suited for your skills, if
they believe that Australia is not where you would benefit the most. As they
say, there is no better marketing than the word of mouth for these kinds of
businesses. The others are only in for the money and have no interest in your
life). So if your initial screening comes positive for Australia, then they
would apply to the ACS on your behalf. You would be required to upload your
proof of work, which includes your job description and your specialization
signed off by a person of authority from that organization for e.g. your direct
supervisor or manager (Making friends with the boss helps). This is usually in
the form of Affidavits (1 for each job you held) the formats for which are with
the migration agents (this is where they come in handy cuz paper works a
b*tch). These Affidavits will have to be notarized and a scanned PDF copy will
be uploaded to the ACS website with your personalized log in. Post this you
would need the patience level of a snail as this is a time consuming process
and usually takes upto 90 days. If you get a positive review from the ACS and
they think that you might be of use to their country, you get a pdf with your
personalized serial number and your complete review letter, which is very
How to immigrate to Australia from India
Step 1.5: Writing the
IELTS exam: (International English Language Testing System)
          This exam is
conducted by the British Council in all major cities, almost every weekend. The
ways to apply for this exam are given the website . You can apply in person at your nearest British Council
office or the British Library or you can go to the website and fill in an E
Form and follow the instructions that you get in the emails. Your aim for this
exam should be a Band 7 or above in each of the 4 modules (Listening, Reading,
Writing and Speaking) which basically means you are a proficient speaker of the
English Language and which also makes you eligible for 10 points for band 7 or
7.5 and 15 points if  band 8 or above. Even
if you make the points cut excluding IELTS, writing the IELTS is mandatory for
the applicant or the primary applicant in case you are immigrating with family.
Please make sure that you write the IELTS exam while you are waiting for your
ACS result (This is a good way to manage your time) Also if you want, you can
calculate the upcoming expenses and gather the necessary Moolah! (Credit Card
is your friend!)

Step 2: Applying for Expression of Interest: (EOI)

EOIs will also be applied on your behalf
by your migration agents on the immigration website, post which you would get
an invite from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) to apply for
the visa. This usually takes 2 to 4 weeks as invites for EOI are sent on 2nd
and 4th Monday of every month. By this time you should have your ACS
done and you should get your IELTS score card with the minimum band requirement
without which you won’t be eligible to apply for EOI.
 How to immigrate to Australia from India
Step 3: Applying for the Visa:
(Most paperwork done here. You would need to be of some higher level of being to go through this without pulling
your hair out. For others, cut your hair short before applying for the visa or
take help from elders with the paper work)
When you get your invite, you will have 60 days to apply for your
visa after which the invite from the DIAC will become void. Don’t worry, that
is plenty of time to do what you have to do and not got mad. As I have stated
before, effective time management is a very good thing when applying for the
visa. If you are confident that your ACS review will come out positive. I
suggest you make a soft copy of the following documents in PDF format.
1.     All your offer letters
2.     Relieving letters from the old Organizations
3.     Experience letters from the old Organizations
4.     Promotion and Salary hike letters from all
the Organizations (where ever you have got one)
5.     Taxation documents (Form 16 would do
6.     Pay Slips (Atleast 3 of them from each
work place preferably the last 3 months of the old organizations and latest 3
months of the current one)
7.     A proof of employment from your current
organization (This can be taken while at the applying for Visa stage)
8.     Copy of Passport (1st page and
last page)
9.     Form 80 (This is an 18 page long form
which should be filled out by you, this will be given to you by your migration
agent) This will contain all your data, your family’s data and education, work
and residence history etc.
10. And any other document that the migration
agent deems important enough to help you acquire a visa or at the very least
make your case (Sometimes it helps).
How to immigrate to Australia from India
Now, if you have survived all the paper work, I would like to draw
your attention towards a very important bit that none of us like i.e. paying
the visa fees. The only way you can pay the visa fees for your Australian
immigration is through a credit card. Like I said in step 1.5, credit card is
your friend. Please make sure that you or any of your relatives or friends have
the balance required to pay the fees. Below is the calculated estimate of the
visa fees and conversion from INR to AUD as on October 2013 and the visa fees
was revised as on Sept ’13 (Please check the revised fees when applying, the
migration agent should have these details and should keep you updated)
How to immigrate to Australia from India
Visa for a single immigrant is 3520 AUD = 207,000
Visa for a Married couple (Husband + Wife or Defacto Partner) is 3520 + 1770 AUD = 5290 AUD = 311,052 INR
Husband + Wife and a Child is 3520 + 1770
+ 880 = 6170 AUD = 362,796 AUD
Different types of visa would require you
to also keep some deposit in the bank. It purely depends on the type of visa
and you would be informed of this at the start by your migration agent. If not
then please do ask them this or else this would come as a shocker at the last
moment. Being proactive with your application helps a lot. This applies
specific types of visa or for specific states, you might need to show some
caution money in the bank (Doesn’t apply for visa subclass 189 for a single immigrant
only scenario). This makes the DIAC assured that you would be able to manage
yourself in Australia initially. (You can’t blame them for being cautious) please
maintain this balance for at least a month post your arrival. Don’t forget,
this is for your safety and well-being too.

Step 4: Waiting for case

When you are done with your medicals and your police clearance, you can submit the receipt of the medical checkup and your PCC soft copy to the case officer.

Step 5: The Wait  

How to immigrate to Australia from India
Success comes to
those who work hard for it and be patient. Once you have done all that you
needed to do, you would need to wait for all of your documents to be verified
by the DIAC. Post which (provided the visa quota has not finished for that year)
you would be getting an Electronic Visa. Yes the Australian High Commission now
provides you electronic visa on your email which you would need to carry with
yourself when flying to Australia. This process can take anywhere from 1 to 3
months depending on how quick your documents get verified. After that off you
This is the generic outline of applying for an immigrant visa for
you and your family to Australia. The success of this depends on you and the
authenticity of your documents.
Now the pros and cons:
who get homesick often, this is not for you. You need to realize that Australia
is very far from home and travelling back and forth might not be feasible on a
regular basis as you would have work and other commitments.
government requires you to be in a county for a specific amount of days in a
year for you to qualify for a citizenship. (remember, this visa is only
temporary till you are confirmed as a citizen of the country)
is fairly easy to find with people who have the right skillset so please do
make sure that you apply in the right skill category. There are websites like  which can help you find the right job.
flexible with your options, you may have to work in an environment which is
different to your comfort zone. You would need to be flexible to survive the 1st
few months there.
people in Australia helps, if you know people, friends or relatives in
Australia, it can help as they can help you get familiar with the place,
probably provide a temporary stay or even help you find a decent job.
adaptive. Australia is very different from India or any other country, please
do not expect to find the same culture or values there. As they say When in
possible, try to look out for job options after you get the visa and before you
fly over there. You get a good amount of validity in which you can search for a
job, with which you would be able to take care of your expenses right away.
some cash reserve. This is not India, you might need to fend for yourself for
the 1st month even with a job at hand.
as much about the place that you are going to live in before you leave.
Planning is half the battle won.
guys, see if you can apply along with your friends, it helps if you share
apartments and expenses. Some places can be quite expensive to live in.
the variety of life that Australia gives you and give some love back to them!
As always,
The Joker.
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