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How Cheap Android Tablets Changed The Mobile Industry

Cheap Android Tablets

Are you thinking of buying a cheap Android tablet? Perhaps you are considering buying one of the many cheap tablets from an online store?

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20 years ago there were no smartphones or Android tablets. Since then plenty of things have changed. Now we can’t remember the last time we didn’t use our tablet for a whole day. While Android tablets did not gain as much popularity as Apple’s iPad, there are still plenty to chose from with some very affordable cheap Android tablets available for consumers on a budget.

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Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the availability of Android tablets. With the market becoming saturated with many Android tablets the prices have come down considerably.  There are many Android tablets with relatively high specifications at meager prices, so this once luxury gadget is now affordable for all.

Moreover, these cheap tablets have had an enormous impact on the mobile industry. More and more people tend to buy Android tablets. These cheap tablets have even surpassed the well-known brands. Not everyone could buy an iPad, so they shifted to Android tablets. This led to an increase in the sale of cheap tablets. The global shipment of Apple decreased by 6.2% while Samsung’s shipment declined 19.3%.

The cheap brands have encouraged new manufacturers to come into the market. As a result, the market share of the popular brands, like Apple, Samsung, and HTC has decreased. It was reported that the share of Android 65%, Apple’s share of the market is 26% and Windows share is 9%.

Are you wondering why people have switched towards cheap tablet? There are several reasons for this shift in the demand for the Android tablets. People are buying cheaperAndroid tablets because tablets from well-known brands are expensive and often that price difference is not hugely justified on the final specifications of the products. Apple, Samsung and many of the other leading brands spend a fortune on marketing. To justify this, they need to leverage their brand name and recognition to recoup that expense. So they inflate the cost of their products to do this.

Take a look at the reasons to buy a non-branded cheap tablet.


One of the best reasons to have a cheap Android tablet is the cost. Many relatively unknown brands have developed high-end tablets with high specs at bargain prices. Cheap tablets used to be a synonym for bad. But over the years this has changed significantly. If you want to have the best user experience you don’t have to buy iPad. You can reduce your price range and find great products at low prices. Companies like Onda, Chuwi, and Teclast proved that cheap tablets can still bring excellent quality.

Latest Features

These tablets manufacturers are aware of the competition. This is why they manufacture tablets that feature the high specs. They are keen to incorporate the latest features while balancing the need to keep production costs down. By operating in the lower end go the market, they are not competing directly with the big brands but can cater to a wider audience who are looking for more value for money and don’t mind sacrificing the prestige of brand names on their products if it will save them hard earned cash.

Wide Variety

Cheap Android tablets are available in full range. Android has more range of products than Apple’s iOS platform. You can choose from 6 inches phablet all the way up to 12-inch models that come with keyboards and double as a laptop device. Some tablets fit every wallet, pocket, personality, and use. There are plenty of new models arriving at the market each month so you can choose a tablet that suits your needs.


Cheap Android tablets have significantly impacted the mobile industry. A lot of people are buying Android tablets that are offered at low prices. These tablets have decreased the share of famous brands as it easier for people to buy these tablets. The Android tablets have design and specs that are similar to recognized brands tablet, and they have almost the same the capabilities, so they offer an excellent alternative for the tech-savvy consumers.

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