February 22, 2019

Apple iWatch: May Run a Modified Version of iOS

Apple iWatch: May Run a Modified Version of iOS

We are getting different reports about Apples experimental watch, which might be running a different version of the iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system, and would be expected to provide a seamless experience with their existing devices.
It might provide features like  letting users make calls, see the identity of incoming callers and check map coordinates. as per this bloomberg report.
It is also being speculated that about 100 design engineers are working on this device and Apple may announce this device as soon as this year.
We also heard in a separate report here that Samsung is also planning to release a rival device to compete with iWatch.
Apple iWatch: May Run a Modified Version of iOS
Apple already filed many patents for this product, including how it would be worn by people of different wrist sizes.
The application, found out by AppleInsider, shows that the iWatch not only has a full-length flexible touch screen, but can also be worn like a slap-on bracelet.
Apple iWatch: May Run a Modified Version of iOS
There is no doubt that this area is mostly unexplored by smartphone manufacturers, and might give the much needed boost to Apple which they need at the moment.

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