5 Foosball game apps for Android and Apple devices

Foosball game apps for Android

Looking for Foosball game apps for Android? Why? It is because Foosball is becoming more and more highly addictive games today! Application developers for Android and Apple devices have realized that foosball has the potential to be a fantastic game for smartphones. But, it takes much more than just to develop the best foosball game, and that is why I have made a list of best foosball games for both, Apple and Android devices. If you are a ‘fooser,’ who is looking to get that one game to play for hours, check out this list because I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

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  1. Foosball Cup World

Google Play

The Foosball Cup World is an Android application made by the Ludus Studio, and they have developed a foosball application before this one, so they know what they are doing. This app has three modes. You can play a Tournament, a World League or you can play Challenges. When you win the tournament or some challenge, you unlock features in the game, which is pretty good. You can choose the table, teams, modes; you can decide whatever you like. Also, since there is a World League mode, you can want to play with one of the 51 national teams from all over the world.

  1. Foosball Cup

Google Play

Since I have already mentioned that Ludus Studio made another foosball application, it is only fair to review that one too. The Foosball Cup is also an Android application, and even though it is their first foosball game, it looks pretty good. You can choose the table to play on, and you can choose the team to play with (even though there are not as many as the Foosball Cup World). Besides that, the game features three difficulties and the option to play with more players.

  1. Let’s foosball free – table football

Google Play

Even though this game has an incredibly long name, it is not entirely free. Full-version of the game offers you more than the free version, but that is a common thing on today’s app market. Besides that, it is a pretty good application. You can change many things like the camera view, the difficulty and the team you want to play with. Unfortunately, no national partners in this app. This game is more focused on you and your friend because you can change the duration of the match and you can change the number of goals one team has to score to end the game.

  1. Foosball

Google Play

Games with that simple name must be pure. And in this case, it is true. The Foosball made by the Android developer NAVU Apps is the game made in all red and blue colors. Everything is like that, all icons, buttons, teams, you name it. It loses the seriousness, but that is not the only problem. You can choose to play a tournament or to play with your friend or CPU. And that is all. You can’t pick your team (because there are only two teams – Red and Blue), you can’t select the match duration or camera view. Another regretful thing is the controls. You control the rods with arrows, and that is not how you play foosball.

  1. The Foosball

Google Play

The last game, the Foosball, is made by Illusion Labs and they made it for iOS devices. When you look at the game, it has similar features like the Foosball by the NAVU Apps.  You can play the match with CPU or with your friend, and you can choose the difficulty, but that is about it.  It should be a more user-friendly application.


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