Google Reader is Closing

Google Reader is Closing

As most of you might have heard, that ‘Tech Giant‘ Google is closing  Google Reader on July 1st which came as a rude shock to many. It had a large user base, and it was undoubtedly one of the best news aggregator available on the web. Moreover, it had a large user base. ‘Android Central’ already reported about 500,000 users already moved to feedly. Enough has been said about it across the web, including filing of petitions etc.

However, the good news is that, there are other options, good ones, so here it goes:

Feedly: It already covers all the good things about Google Reader, and much more. It includes topics, ranging from Tech to Politics and much more.

Google Reader is Closing

Google Reader is Closing

2. Flipboard: Already well accepted in the iOS world, it has an attractive UI and its all about sharing, socializing and reading from blogs, websites and social feeds.

Google Reader is Closing
3: Pulse is a RSS news reader, however, news comes filtered based on topics they think you would like the most. Pulse also has a nice intuitive UI, and have already attracted a large number of users.
Google Reader is Closing

If you don’t like any of the above, then you can like
4: ‘Taptu’ It has the tagline “DJ Your News,” Taptu is also a customizable feed experience. Like Flipboard and Pulse, Taptu gives you a visual interface for scrolling through your favorite feeds, and lets you add social feeds as well. Like Google Reader, it’s easy to build your own news stream from scratch.

It really is upto the fellow readers to decide who is the winner, as there are so many alternatives. However, it still is fair to mention that closing down of Google Reader came as a real ‘bummer’

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